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, Grenoble, France
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Installed in Grenoble, self-taught and not subject to any external influence, Marie Adomi Israël is authentic and draws from her, outside the established codes. His painting takes us into his particular, mystical universe, where symbols, dreams, fantasies and Sacred Scripture intermingle, whose in-depth studies support his works. Marie Adomi Israel plays with light, materials (gold leaf, mother-of-pearl, Japanese pearls ...) and transparencies to tell us the most beautiful stories in the world and reconnect us to our Humanity - in particular through her involvement in multiple causes - whatever our Beliefs. ------ Living in Grenoble, the self-taught artist is not subject to exterior influences. She is truly authentic and draws her inspiration within herself, away from established codes. Her painting takes us into her specific and mystical universe blending symbols, dreams and the fantasies of Sacred Writing, a subject that she studied and that substantiate her works. Marie Adomi Israël plays with light and materials (gold leafs, monther-of-pearl, Japanese pearls) and transparencies to tell us the most beautiful stories in the World and reconnect us to our humanity, particularily through her involvement in several charities, regardless of our Personal Beliefs.
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