Domaines David Duband - François Feuillet - Organic winegrower - Chevannes, France

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Découvrez Domaines David Duband - François Feuillet
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12 Rue du Lavoir, 21220 Chevannes, France
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Domaines David Duband - François Feuillet Organically grown, the François Feuillet estate covers around twenty hectares. The estate's wines are among the most sought-after Burgundy wines. The David Duband domain -François Feuillet was created in 1991 by businessman François Feuillet. From the start of the adventure, the current owner of the Trigano brand, famous for its caravans and trailers, entrusted the development of the wines to David Duband, whose family already took care of the vines. David DUBAND has come a long way since 1991, when he took over the estate. Focusing first on producing dense, concentrated and fruity wines, it makes a shift in 2008 with the production of vinifications in unstemmed grapes with manual harvesting. These strong and elegant wines have great qualities. The planted area represents 20 hectares of Pinot Noir for the red grape varieties and 0.5 of Chardonnay for the white grape varieties. It is possible to buy wine at the property and to visit the cellars by appointment in sending an email to or by calling 03 80 61 41 16. Very good tasting to you.