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La Derrier, 77169 Saint-Germain-sous-Doue, France
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Ferme de la Derrier Located in Seine et Marne in the hamlet 'La ferme de la Derrier', on the departmental road 37 between Doue and Boissy le Chatel, François Gilloots has been operating his family farm since 1981. Of cereal origin, François practices agriculture reasoned with the objective of respecting the fauna, soil micro-organisms and free-range breeding while respecting the well-being of animals. Know-how Controlling your production chain to guarantee quality chickens and guinea fowl is one of the primary criteria for François. 'We bring a particular interest to conservation agriculture, soil preparation, semi and harvesting of cereals to have a quality feed for our poultry. All year round we raise chickens and guinea fowl in the open air fed with cereals from our fields. For the Christmas holidays we also breed capons, turkeys, hens and geese. We breed purebred chickens with 'bare necks' as you can see in our photos under the 'Gallery' menu. breed is known for its tender and tasty flesh. We also prepare capons for the holidays. They arrive at the farm in the summer for outdoor growth, nourished by us to be ready for the Christmas holidays. We also breed gray geese for stuffing which grow peacefully on a land dedicated for this purpose near Nangis. Our breeding buildings are specially designed for breeding with a floor covered with flax shavings, insulated from the cold, absorbing moisture and leaving the birds in and out as they please for peaceful growth. Reasoned agriculture and poultry raised in the open air fed on grain from the farm allows us to offer top quality products to all our customers. 'Concludes François. Good tasting to you! The products of La Ferme de la Derrier are also available at: - Boucherie Griffault (Boissy-le-Châtel) - Charcuterie Dijols (Crécy-la-Chapelle) - Boucherie du boeuf tricolore (Nanteuil) les Meaux) - Boucherie Dumas (Esbly) - Ferme Corman (Jessigny) - Ferme de la Chalotterie (Ozouer-le-Voulgis) - Intermarché (Ferté Gauché); Carrefour Market (Rebais); Intermarché (Coulommiers); Carrefour Market (Mouroux) ; Intermarché (Faremoutiers); Leclerc (Ferté-sous-Jouarre)