La bière de brie - Brewery (Beer) - Courpalay, France

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22 Rue Lafayette, 77540 Courpalay, France
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The Brasserie RABOURDIN Located in COURPALAY in Seine et Marne, the Brasserie RABOURDIN is a family story. This brasserie located in the countryside, at 22 rue Lafayette, has been handed down from father to son and has been able to reinvent itself. Know-how Having been a farmer in the last century, the RABOURDIN family has succeeded in retraining by producing barley intended for the production of BRIE BEER. You will understand, this profession has no more secrets for Hubert RABOURDIN and his employees. The quality of the ingredients used represents a commitment to their customers. They make high quality craft beer using their authentic craftsmanship. If you are in the region, take the opportunity to visit the brewery and taste their products if you feel like it. Good tasting !