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19 Avenue du Grand Morin, 77169 Saint-Siméon, France
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The history of the famous BRIE cheeses dates back to the Middle Ages and to the various fairs of the time such as the fair of CHAMPAGNE, LAGNY, PROVINS, TROYES and BAR-SUR-AUBE. Bar-sur-Aube. From their first production, the cheeses bear the name of the villages where they are produced or sold: Coulommiers, Meaux, Melun, Montereau, Chevru… They were produced on farms, sold on site or in markets. The refining profession enabled the transformation of fresh cheese from salt into ripened cheese, and it was towards the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries that the first artisanal dairies appeared. Currently there are only a few farms that produce Brie cheeses. Did you know that you can buy these cheeses directly at FROMAGÈRE DE LA BRIE and even take a tour of the cheese factory? Check the opening hours on the site. For group visits, please book on 0164204009. And if you have any questions, the entire FROMAGÈRE DE LA BRIE team is there to answer you with all their attention. Happy tasting to you! THE LAFROMAGÈRE DE LA BRIE TEAM